The Four Month Rule

The Housemates had a heated discussion about when it’s okay to get down and dirty with a new lover for the first time.

Weza, led the discussion and shared with the group how in her country, the norm is to get to know a guy first and then tackle bedroom matters four months later.”We have a four month rule and that’s what I subscribe to as well”, she said.

Some of the Housemates, Kim, Felicia and some of the guys in particular, were taken aback by Weza’s revelation. “So, what will you be doing for the four  months?”, they asked.
icia also did not seem to understand the concept but then conceded that it depends on the reason for the relationship. The boys did not seem too keen, with Jossy stating he didn’t mind whether a girl gave it up in a week or four months.

Ernest supported Jossy’s statement too, while Zeus chose to support Weza.

“I think it’s better to get to know a person before you take that next step”, he said.

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