Dirty Dancers

As the alcohol flowed, so did the excitement in the garden as the dance moves got raunchier and raunchier leading to a sizzling session of dirty dancing.

The Housemates were done with their presentation speeches Task and it was time to celebrate, thanks to the supplies Biggie stashed in the storeroom for them.

With Lomwe lying flat on his back on the lawn, the girls took turns performing dirty dance moves on him with the music blasting.

Millicent took it up a notch, shaking her booty while suspended above Lomwe and sipping alcohol off Lomwe’s belly button.

Once Lomwe’s session was over, Millicent took to the lawn and placed her body on the ‘platter’ for the guys to ‘entertain’ and be ‘entertained’.

There was no doubt that it would be a long night as the Housemates swore on having fun to the fullest.

Take it off!


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