Anita Joseph Explodes Again! My Buttocks Is Marvelous


Again, Anita also posted another controversial buttocks posture on her social network page. The posture shows how beautiful her backside is in a stonewash jeans trouser with an eagle butterfly tattoo drawing on her back-waist.

The picture portrayed Anita as being back to take the showbiz industry with her controversial buttocks that can make men go beyond their boundaries.
Anita once claimed that people, who don’t have buttocks, will twist their waist for people attention. ‘I don’t need to shake my buttocks for people to see what I have. It is God’s gift and the structure is marvelous. What will I shake it for? I don’t shake it. The Lord just created me in His own image and made me attractive and sexy.’ 
Anita Joseph is one of the most talked about actor right now in Nigerian showbiz world. If the subject of discussion is not her celebrated clash with other actresses, it would be her bootylicious sexy shape and rumbling bum-bum that has become a subject of controversial stories in the homes of some married women.

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