Housemates Brew Their Own Alcohol

The Housemates decided to make their own alcohol, following the booze crises that hit the House.

As the Housemates were coming to terms with their booze crises, Nic revealed that he is a master at brewing home-made booze.

His fellow Housemates were so thrilled at this revelation, they commissioned him to make loads of it for their consumption.

Soon, the kitchen was a hive of activity, as Nic ordered his fellow Housemates to bring him the ingredients that would go into his brew.

Some of the Housemates’ Comments:
Vimbai – I hope this is going to work. There will be a lot of angry Housemates if it doesnt!

Felicia – It must be kept under my bed. I’ll take care of it (to which Vina responded “We’d probably wake up and find the concoction finished and you drunk!”)

Vina – I can just picture Big Brother telling us (Big Brother Voice) “Your safety comes first. Please refrain from making your own booze and endangering the lives of your fellow Housemates.)

Jossy – We need to launch this booze on Friday night.

The Housemates, who looked super excited, hovered over his shoulder as he threw in orange, pineapples and potato skins and other ingredients into a pot.

When Nic had done the mixing of ingredients, he announced that the mixture needed a day and a half to ferment, disappointing the Housemates, who were ready to imbibe.

Everyone reckoned the booze was well worth waiting for and wrapped it in cellophane wrap. Felicia, who seemed to be the most excited out of the lot then picked up the pot of booze, posed with it and gave a beaming smile.

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