Artist, Kingsley Nwanokwai born on the 18th of June 1989 known with his lyrical
fame has fully indulged himself in the musical world,he hails from Delta state
born in Kaduna where he had the dream for his musical hustle and at his tender
age he noticed his God given talent and he started miming people songs in other
to build up his skills of been a lyricist

The name “LYRICZ” was given to him by the audience after his performance with the “STAR QUEST 2006 TALENT HUNT”; and that was much more a sign of glory coming to his way. He was Inspired by one of Nigeria’s finest known as “2face Idibia” to add to his credit, he has three singles out already(Repete, Ping u up feat ajuju, internet girlfriend) and it’s making airwaves to the people, and also working currently on an album yet to be
released named “R & B Official” (we all await this).

The multi talented artist has been working underground all these years towards making it to STARDOM.He has worked so hard to register his name legally in the Nigeria musical
industry. Talking more on the yet to be released album(“R & B Official”) is a

compilation of r n b,techno ,pop ,hip hop, contemporary songs,high life and dance hall.
lyricz is currently under his own musical outfit known as Lyrical Music Inc, the
r n b sensational is taking over the minds of the people with his uniqueness,
lyrics they say is music and music cant be done without the LYRICZ so better
keep a close eye on this new kid on the block because this is just a starting
point to his carrier…….WORD

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