At about 3pm this afternoon, there was an outbreak of fire at the Kresta Laurel Complex, Maryland, Lagos, the compound which houses the studios and offices of Channels TV station. A live broadcast on the Presidential Election update and announcement of results was going on, when word went round that there was a fire. Immediately, there was an evacuation of people and cars from the compound while emergency calls were made to alert the fire-fighter service of Lagos State. The live program was cut off midway to ensure the safety of guests, presenters and staff members.
The fire came from the building right behind the complex, but so thick was the smoke which filled the building, that it was difficult for anyone to stay back. A little traffic started to build up at the entrance of the building, as there was need to also evacuate cars from the compound to avoid any explosion.

The crew of Rubbin’ Minds of Y! TV and their guests who were supposed to be on air prior to the announcement of the presidential election results also evacuated the building before the smoke became unbearable.
Shortly after the emergeny calls were made, the first fire fighter’s truck arrived. At about 3.25pm, another truck arrived to put out the fire.
Before 4pm, the fire had been put out and everything was under control. No life was lost and luckily, Channels TV station was not affected by the fire.
At the time of this report, the cause of fire was yet to be disclosed and there has been no confirmation of the impact of the fire on the whole property.
Source: Ynaija

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