FAYSOFF a.k.a FAYS aka f@#k all you snitches born ifayase olufemi has been termed one of the best kept secret because he has been in the game for quite a while unsigned but still holdin his own.he is influenced by artists like dela soul,rakim,nas,gangstarr,the wu,common,kanye,alchemist,hitek.started performing at a very tender age,but like some families around he was not allowed to go into it fully.Ggot into the first group with THADEKING AND OLU MAINTAIN in the early 90s after recording a couple of demo tracks and performing in some higher institutions,the group moved on.still on his grind,formed another group M.O.V 
(men of verses) with SEMMY a dj in now south africa and YEMIBLAQ actor in nollywood.
He did a couple of joints but after performin on the lowkey in some higher instution,he proceeded to futher his education in the peoples frindship unversity,moscow where he graduated as a civil engr while there and he started wrecking the stages with dj tim and after a week formed a group with MC TOPE called the lyrical gangstarr after performing in alot of clubs,shows , he formed a formidable half part of a group with a russian rapper called MINAS. 
He also didn’t stop the movement performing around the cities in 2005, he met  DJ SUPERMAN who is best scratch dj and one of the best beatmakers inthe whole federatin with dj super super,they almost completed a mixtape album (moscow state of mind).he featured with a couple of artists there like mad-a,leon,beatmakerbeat just 2 mention few.he also featured in a tv reality show with dj superman and made the jingles for dinamit radio there. He is well travelled across the globe and he has performed in so many clubs like b-club,jara, garage which hosts alot of the world bests like busta rhymes ,guru ,dj premiere and accross the cities, towns and even small villages that only a few foreign rappers has achieved known for his strong delivery and onpoint rhymes and a crowd mover. FAYS aka GSM-ghetto spokes man graduated and came back home 2007 feeling fulflled with the educational aspect of it , decided to put the his own contributions down to support the fast growin scene in naija.

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