DEALDEY – 50% off a Meal of Beef Burger, French Fries and Freshly Squeezed Juice Delivered Hot & Fresh

Free delivery when you use two coupons at the same time/destination
Free delivery within Victoria Island
If buying one coupon, please visit Delina or pay extra delivery charge
Coupons must be used by 30th April 2011
Go to to ‘BUY NOW’

Mrs O. Ajose-Adeogun founded Delina first as a bakery and later as a bistro and café and has been serving pure culinary joy around the Island for almost 19 years.

This deal entitles you to a scrumptious Beef Burger, Crunchy French Fries and Freshly Squeezed Pineapple or Orange Juice. If you order two, you get free delivery in Victoria Island – which is a fantastic offer!! So ask a co-worker or friend to order with you. Or even better, order two for yourself, hold one in each hand and you will be saying “Thank You!” to Delina and the city of Hamburg.

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