Save 50% and Pay Only N1,000 For Acrylic Nails, French Tips, Polish and Design Worth N2,000

Do you hesitate every time to reach out to shake someone’s hand? Got a job interview, social event or a big date coming up soon? Or maybe you just want your nails to look superfly for your own sake? Then DealDey has got an offer for you.
Beautiful You Unisex Salon is offering Half-Off Acrylic Nails, French Tips and Polishing that will have your nails looking fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous) for N1,000 only!
The experienced nail technicians at Beautiful You will have your nails rejuvenated in no time. With savings and service like this, this deal is one you don’t want to pass up.

DealDey members get a full set of acrylic nails and French tips which give maximum character and beauty to your hands. These are applied and then filed down according to the individual needs of the client. The professional nail technicians will also bring their creativity to the process allowing you to select from a range of custom designs such as flowers, birds and paisley.
This therapy will leave you looking absolutely stunning! A plus is that nail polish has been known to last longer on acrylic than natural nails.

So, Ladies, give yourself a treat and Beautiful You assures that every head shall turn when you tap your new power-nails on any table surface.
For the Gentlemen members, DealDey strongly advises that buying this coupon for your friend or wife will leave you in her good books for a very very long time . Just click the “Buy it for a friend”on

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