According to Forbes, more than 50 reporters in 13 countries were involved in compiling the 25th annual World’s Billionaires rankings with reporters meeting candidates, their handlers and interviewing employees, rivals, attorneys and securities analysts.

The magazine also estimated billionaires’ networths  by valuing individuals’ assets, including stakes in public and private companies, real estate, yachts, art and cash-and account for debt.
Forbes  further said that it’s estimates of public fortunes are a snapshot of wealth on Feb. 14, 2011, when it locked in stock prices and exchange rates around the globe.

Forbes magazine yesterday, released the 2011 World’s Richest People list with Nigeria’s own industrialist, Aliko Dangote rated as the 51st Richest man in the world, with  a networth of $13.8bn and richer than Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg  who made the list for the first time with a networth of $13.5bn at the 52nd position.
Despite the recent political crisis  in Egypt, the Arab country led other African countries with 8 billionaires on the list , followed by  South Africa  with 4 billionaires,  while Nigeria  came 3rd with 2 billionaires. Chief Mike Adenuga  joined Dangote on the Forbes’ list rated 597 in the world, and worth $2bn. However,  Dangote, according to Forbes is the richest African .
Globally, Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helú is holding on to the title of world’s richest man – for the 2nd year running, worth  $74bn  while  Bill Gates is 2nd and worth $58bn.
See the top 10 richest people, below.


1. Carlos Slim Helú & Family             $71bn
2. Bill Gates                                        $56bn
3. Warren Buffet                                $50bn
4.Bernard Arnault                             $41bn
5.Larry Ellison(Oracle)                     $39.5bn
6.Lakshmi Mittal                               $31.1bn
7.Amancio Ortega                              $31bn
8.Eike Batista                                     $30 bn
9.  Mukesh Ambani                           $27 bn
10.Christy Walton & family             $26.5 bn

Africans on the 2011 Forbes List of Billionaires
Name                   Country   Worth     Source        Ranking

Aliko Dangote,       Nigeria      $13.8B     Business   #51(world) #1(Nigeria) 
Mike Adenuga        Nigeria      $2B         Business   #595 (world) #2(Nigeria)
Nicky Openheimer  SA            $7B        Inherited    #136(world) #1(SA)
Johann Rupert        SA            $4.8B      Business   #219(world) #2(SA)

Forbes’ list also revealed that Facebook, the social networking giant, with over 500million members, produced 6 billionaires that included Co-founders, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin, and Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker.

With this year’s list,  Forbes marked  25years of publishing the World’s Rich list breaking two records: the highest number of billionaires (1,210) and  a  combined wealth  of $4.5 trillion(the highest ever.)
Also, China and Russia  joined the United States as countries with over a 100 billionaires. China now has 115 and Russia 101.

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