Casey has been announced as the winner of the second season of Glo Naija Sings at the grand finale which took place at the MNET Studios in Lagos. ‘I got out of my comfort zone by performing songs by Fela with my R ‘n’B style; I had to conquer that phobia. Right now the competition is not over; I’m entering the industry so I’ve got more competition again. Everyone is expecting a successful musical career from me, something new; no one is expecting crap and that’s the task I have to live up to because I’m not going to make music for myself,’ said Casey in a recent interview.
‘I intend to invest with the money and get back to school and take care of my family. I want to learn something in a music school. I just don’t want to win this money and disappear into thin air. I want to do something big in music that’s why I have a competition, challenge and serious work to do. I have to step up, from my packaging to the kind of music people want’, he added.
Casey went home with a $100,000 cash prize and a Toyota Rav 4. He was also made a Glo Ambassador.

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