LAGOS SPEAKER ADEYEMI DENIES HIS MEN COLLECTED UFUOMA’S BB…una don go sell am for computer village ni???

Instead of the Speaker of Lagos State RT Hon Adeyemi to address his men’s assault and dispossession of ufuoma Ejenobor of her blackberry phone, the speaker has said his men did not collect her phone that she’s just looking for publicity…publicity for what? is she a member of your rival PDP or if anyone’s looking for publicity is it the speaker of Lagos state that less than 5% of lagosians and residents know that it’ll be sought through? Mr Speaker respect yourself, return her blackberry and tender an unreserved apology from you and or your men…for their dastardly act. this is not the democracy alot of us received harassment and horsewhips for from Abacha and his contemporaries for?

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