ZARA, Margaret-Mary Joseph and her manager TONI PAYNE  has been busy all through the week shooting her first video ABOKO KU. The beautiful TONI PAYNE has been making sure all materials for the shoot are ready.
Here are some of  TONI PAYNE’s TWEETS:
toni_payne: Chilling at location1 Zwagger Aboko Ku Video

toni_payne: Chilling at location1 @Zwagger Aboko Ku Video

toni_payne: Still so tired! Day 2 of Zara’s Aboko Ku video shoot. ELOY …
Hmmn!! Toni Payne is really busy with her artistes and next week she is going to shoot ONYEKA ONWENU’s video and OLAMIDE the artistes under TONI PAYNE CONCEPTS.

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