Born Ojutiku Azeez Olanrewaju popularly known as KASH-11{kash-imawo “kash”,while the 11 from the tribal mark on his face}.was born, raised in Lagos island, Lagos state, Nigeria. Started rapping in 1994, form a group called D-L-B with his brothers Dapo Balogun a.k.a DJ METHALIC and Bayo Balogun a. k. a BRASSBELL .back then his name was LARRY OJ.

1998, Dapo and Bayo travel back to Canada. so he started a group called DA MIGHTY KIDZ which comprises of him, K-FLOW,SOBURINO,CLEF and group recorded some songs gain some airplay, perform at the French cultural centre, Falomo, Lagos, campus shows etc. The group broke-up in 2000 when k-flow travelled to London, everybody pursue their solo career. He now join a group of 12 rappers called X-CHRONICS to record a mix tape album, drop 2 songs as singles on radio and received heavy rotation on some radio stations.

2001, the multi talented awaiting superstar decided to go into music production and studio engineer, Met Big Lo on the internet, started production at his studio. Produced artistes like 2SHOTZ the Alaba boy multi platinum song/album which level, Bring back the multi talented TV’s presenter/dancehall act to limelight SPY-DA-MAN with a song dancehall, produced so many names like Rugged man,Durella with the song TAKE IT OFF , Timi of da tribe with the song STILL FLASHING, Sid of mo hit records, Xklusive and Shanko Rasheed with the song AWON TEMI, REMINSCE ‘ONE CHANCE REMIX AND DANGEROUS featuring 9ICE’,Lexzy doo with the song IFE and TE BA DAMO etc featured in multi selling album and songs of Koffi “Aroma pt.2 ” , Big lo with the song SKIP 2 THE BEAT ,Lexzy doo “Ike ni mu remix ” and many more.

2008, kash-11 signed on a management and marketing deal with TUAILE RECORDS to release his long awaited multi platinum album 3PLE TUAILE UNLEASHED. The album features artistes like C-MION,2SHOTZ ,9ICE,W4,TOLU AJAYI,RUGGEDMAN,LORD OF AJASA ,TUAILEMOVEMENT,SHEEBA,TUPENGO.Produced by the multi talented producer KASH-11 for tuaile productions @ D’ ASIRI BASEMENT, LAGOS, NIGERIA.

 Hope is the most dangerous thing to lose, After so many up and down he prove that circumstances are not his master. He is the grandson of the late sakara music legend ALHAJI LEFTY SALAMI BALOGUN and his fans from Africa, Asia, America, and Europe cannot wait anymore to get the album ‘3ple-tuaile—omo olope unleash e’ so many slang ,you wonder whether he is a bus conductor till you hear him say I AM LAGOS ISLAND Jooooo.

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