The season of project fame season 3 recorded its first eviction as petite Gold and Lindsey became the first evictees of the show. Performances for the night kicked off with a group performance by the 18 contestans in the academy. Contestants to go on probation was based on votes from their activities in the previous week where the contestants performed many of the Nigerian pop sensation, Asa and many other popular songs of Tracy Chapman.
Modele, Shehu, Lindsey, Gold and Jocelia emerged victims of probation and in a singing battle to evade eviction, they all stepped on stage for a re-performance in order to convince the never compromising panel of judges and the faculty members to book their place back in the academy.
Lindsey faced her nerves and gave a good rendition of Tracy Chapman’s “give me one reason” in spite of the situation she found herself, her performance was well appreciated by the members of audience. Shehu came on stage and performed another Tracy Chapman’s “hello” but suffered through the song due to the unexpected situation he found himself.
 Gold who has been dubbed “Waheedi” by the studio audience owing to her catastrophical rendition of Asa’s “Awe” in the previous week graced the stage and performed woefully again, screaming the verses of the song in a very a loud but unusual and comical tone, her performance was the worst for the night, She got the academy’s voice coach, Ige scream,” Gold! What’s wrong with you, do you think the people here will buy your album if you keep singing this way?
 Performances for the night continued with Modele’s beautiful rendition of Tracy Chapman’s “you are the one”. The academy’s principal Joke Silva however expressed her worries about her but she believed she deserves a second chance. Jocelia sang the popular “fire on the mountain” by Asa and she completely wowed the crowd as she got everybody rose to their feet and sang along with her. In the words of the faculty members, “probation really helped you in getting your acts together.”
The moment of truth arrived as the contestants on probation stood, looking tensed and waiting to know their fate as regards who goes back into the academy or who would be shown the exit door from the competition? Modele was eventually saved by the judges while the faculty saved Jocelia. A round of votes was casted by contestants not on probation and there was a tie between Lindsey and Shehu.
In order to know who would go back into the academy, another round of votes was casted and Shehu eventually won. He however could not control his emotions as he wept uncontrollably as he retired to his seat.
In their farewell performance, Gold did a scintillating rendition of “many rivers to cross” by UB40 while Lindsey performed “I don’t wanna dance” by Eddy Grant. She was later joined on stage by fellow contestants on stage as she bowed out of the academy.

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