Word: Not all women prefer tall guys True/ False
Most women are attracted to physical looks and personality more than height. Sometimes it is just the individuals’ taste to be with a tall man. Many women have married men that are shorter than themselves. Tall men stand out more and also in some cases a woman could have had a bad relationship with a shorter guy and it can be a psychological trait choosing only tall men.

I am 27 and I have a problem with short guys and actually all the guys I have liked so far have been generally short s long as you’re mature in mind as opposed to looking and acting like a seventh grader guy who is cocky and arrogant , I fall for short, smart blonds. Most women want to feel protected sand safe and tall men seem to look more appealing because we find security with someone who can shield off enemies without us lifting a finger although I have a different opinion now as my boyfriend is 5ft 9” and I am 5ft 7” and I feel just as safe with him as someone taller. I like a lot of short cute guys but I would not date them. I am not trying to mean anything and I really wish it wasn’t an issue but I want a little taller guy so he can hold me. It is very much a feeling safe thing – you just collapse into them at the end of the day and know they can just hold you for a while, it’s a subconscious thing.

She also feels more feminine but once you get to know a guy, it’s obvious that there are things more important than his height. When it comes down to it, you don’t choose a mate based on height. It is one of those things you find attractive about each other and there’s no harm about it. Its all comes down to personal preference as for myself, I don’t discriminate I like men in all shapes and sizes. Tall, fat, short, thin, skinny, muscular whatever because all girls are shallow. Honestly, I don’t think all girls do, I do because I am a girl and I am 5ft 7” and I like to be around guys who are taller or a stall as me. Because the way it’s ‘supposed’ to go is the man who is tall, the protector and the girl is smaller than him etc.

I really only prefer tall guys because I feel like they don’t look at me like I’m a freak for being tall. I am over weight but because I am tall I am very self conscious about my size. So with taller guys, I feel like they don’t notice that I am strangely tall that is not to say I am only attracted to tall guys not in the slightest. It is just an added advantage if they are tall. I find tons of guys totally be willing to go out with a guy shorter than me.

It may sound pathetic and superficial and these guys don’t care I am taller. A guy could be 5ft 4”, 5ft 7”, 6ft as long as they find me attractive and my height won’t matter neither would their height and I know all of my pretty friends find short guys attractive all the time. Really height is not an issue with them if they feel attracted to the guy and the guy feels the same back. That’s what matters most………

. O’Tosin Super gal

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