Green Yaggy is a concept strategically designed to provide leadership and Entrepreneurial support to young people through motivation, trainings, facility support, strategic development programmes, while promoting vision 2025 through membership.
The concept basically provide contents, contexts and contacts that enable young people to design and launch successful careers, new ventures based on innovative and sustainable strategies, partnerships and technologies.
With the strong believe that every young person can be inspired to achieve his/her desires and still become an agent of national development.
The need for A PATRiOTIC MOVING ENTREPRENEUR becomes a Key factor, hence the birth of GREEN YAGGY, a concept to change mindsets, develop people and build the nation.
For young people between the ages of 18-40. Joining GREEN YAGGY makes you a fan of VISION 2025 – NIGERIA,THE MOST DESIRABLE PLACE TO LIVE IN.

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phone: 2348035776246,234016607064

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