#1SongAWeek: CON.tra.diction – Hidden Motives and #PopRockSoulJara


‘Hidden Motives’ was written by CON.tra.diction while in traffic. She had a crush on her friend’s older brother and called her friend’s home phone, hoping his brother  would pick it up. That got her thinking and she wrote the first line, “So i call you up sometimes/hidden motives/who knows if i’m hoping your brother picks up the phone”.

She went on writing other lines as they came to her.

Who knows the reasons we do the things we do? Who knows all the hidden motives?

This version of ‘Hidden Motives’ was produced by Bigfoot of Micworx. There is another version which was produced by Cobhams which will appear as a bonus track on CON.tra.diction’s next album


Listen to Hidden Motives here


Listen to #PopRockSoulJara here


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