7 of our favourite pictures of birthday girl, Yemi Alade

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Still on Yemi Alade‘s birthday, we compiled our favorite pictures of the music star to share with you. Yemi is known for her Afrocentric style and and her signature hair do. 

See photos below:yemi alade

Looking glamorous without a care on earth.
yemi alade

She is known for her love of sneakers, and is that the new Fenty bow puma sneakers she is wearing below?

yemi alade

We have never seen her look more girly in this picture below, Is it okay to frame this picture?.

yemi alade

She do love her sneakers, we imagine what her walk in closet will look like? all filled with sneakers.

yemi alade

Sitting pretty. Never have we seen the caption fit the pose like this picture.


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